A popular Zinc supplement used by distance and sprint mushers alike to remedy poor pad, nail and coat health.




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Our Zinc Gluconate is one of the most absorbable types of Zinc on the market at the most affordable price too! Available in 5 sizes.


Per 50lbs body weight.

Low-work level/Maintenance support:  1/16 tsp. per dog/day

Dogs in active training, Dogs with chronic foot, skin, and/or coat problems, competitive show dogs:  1/8 tsp. per dog/day

Dogs with severe skin or coat problems, Acute Zinc Deficiency:  3/16 tsp. to 1/4 tsp. per dog/day

CAUTION:  Increase dosages can be given to DOGS without fear of toxicity.  It is not recommended to feed more than 1/4 tsp per dog/day, as excessive zinc supplementation can result in a copper deficiency.

Add dosage directly to dog’s food and mix thoroughly or dissolve in dog’s drinking water.

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