About Us

Ten Squared Racing

Ten Squared Racing was officially born in September 2001, but the groundwork was laid many years prior. In fact, it started when Katy and Troy were growing up around animals.

Troy Groeneveld grew up in rural farm country of southeastern Minnesota. During those years, he was attracted to polar expedition by dog sled team. He had always appreciated the special bond between his family and their dog, but he was amazed by the bond that these working dogs had with man.

At this time, Katy was growing up in the hustle and bustle of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After graduating High School, she attended the University of Minnesota, where she studied animal science and business.

Nearly 250 miles North of Katy, Troy was graduating from a community college in northeastern Minnesota. He left with not only his degrees, but also a newfound love for racing sled dogs—a sport that was prominent in the community where he lived. After graduation, he traveled the country working as a dog handler and trainer where he not only learned the finer points of dog training, but also gained a vast knowledge of the sports equipment and quality—or lack thereof. He started to notice the high prices, low quality and lack of technology associated with the sport. He felt that if he could provide a better product at the same price, along with innovative thinking and excellent customer service, there would be room for another supply company on the map. Little did he know that his ideas would evolve into the largest manufacturer and distributor of sled dog sports equipment worldwide.

In August of 2000, Katy and Troy came together. The knowledge Troy had accumulated and the superb business skills that Katy possessed made a pair that no one could match. The company moved into their new warehouse facility in April of 2004. The enjoyment of working out of their new 6,000 square foot facility, complete with a state-of-the-art dog kennel and care facility, was quite a treat for them.

During the next decade, they would use the competitive racing series as the proving ground for not only their innovative ideas but also the finished products. And prove them they did.

Troy, along with good friend Ross Fraboni, developed their racing program into what would be hands down the most winningest semi-professional operation of modern times. This was a bit of a challenge to manage a rapidly growing business, championship racing program and a growing family. In the spring of 2014, Troy and Katy decided to end the racing portion of their business and focus entirely on their family and their canine health business ventures.

In 2014, the kennel (now called Agate Eyes Kennel) was slowly reduced to two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Troy, Katy and family thoroughly enjoy partaking in hunt tests and field trials, as well as tummy rubs on the family room floor. However, the new daily schedules include even more time to develop products that make things a little bit easier for mushers and their dogs, from racing professionals to backyard recreationalists.